Pros and Cons of In-House Development vs. Outsourcing

Software development solutions require to work with qualified professionals. More and more companies are creating their in-house teams to scale systems. Others still outsource software development services to reliable representatives. Choosing the best way depends on many factors, such as team experience, budget, expectations, time frames. Finding the right software application development company is as complicated as opting for the right candidate to the in-house team. Here in this article, we will explore the main pros and cons of outsourcing and in-house development.

In-house development team

The first sample will be in-house development. There are no specific recommendations for using it or not. Your business has to opt for the best option according to the primary needs and requirements. As Amazon, Paypal, and Salesforce have their team of developers to speed up the development process and make sure that all vital data will be kept and saved on their servers.

The main advantages of having an in-house team

Here are we would like to browse over the main advantages of in-house software development solutions:

Faster communication and on-demand control over the process

Having an in-house team allows managing development processes faster. Your dedicated software development team is always at hand to perform any task and solve the issue quickly. It's much easier for in-house developers to follow the software development services company culture and get used to the managing processes. When it happened to receive the estimate, you don't need to wait until the side company managers use it, everyone is under your control and only chooses to prioritize the tasks.

Less time spends on changes

Having your software development team means that you are always discussing the project with them. Regular meetings and communication ensure that software development services are moving smoothly within the estimated timeframe. The managing in-house team goes faster than the outsourcing one. That's why you don't worry about the misunderstanding when discussing software development solutions.

Team spirit and interaction

Communication is a must for people who are working within the same project. If this is your in-house team, then the regular standups will be easier to perform. If your team members regularly interact and have some side activities, they will be closer to each other and more productive when working on the same task.

The core disadvantages of choosing the in-house team

Among the various profits, the in-house team has a list of disadvantages that push companies to opt for outsourcing developers. Here are the reasons why:

The lack of right specialists in the market

Unfortunately, the lack of high-quality professionals tends to think that it's hard for the in-house development team to find the right qualified professionals. As a business owner, you could believe that all professionals are hired and require an enormously high salary. Such delusion is a half-true because many freelancers are willing to work from the office.

High salary demands

The software development services company differs from the other business and might pay developers a higher salary than other companies. Middle and senior-level developers require from 2K$ in Ukraine. Other countries have different rates. Nevertheless, the price is high, and not every company may handle it.

Outsourcing software development company

Since the recent decades, there is a tendency of continuous growth for outsourcing developers. Despite the possibility of having an in-house team, more and more companies prefer outsourcing the development services to dedicated professionals. There are several reasons for such a solution. Companies like Google and Slack outsource the development services to other teams to simplify the business processes inside the company, omit difficulties with the management, and other more routine work. Outsourcing developers usually organize the workflow process where communication with the customer is performed in a few easy steps. The need for the team is to understand the final view and requirements.

Why do you need to work with outsourcing companies: advantages

Here we prepared the list of advantages for working with outsourcing companies.

Broader technology stack

When you request a custom software development from the outsourcing IT service, they may recommend which technology to use for your project for better further maintenance. Both web and mobile application software development performed with the consequence of the actual tech trends. A knowledgeable outsourcing IT service is continuously improving the skills and participating in various hackathons to raise the level of expertise. Thanks to the broaden technology stack, outsourcing developers are able to constantly maintain the product following the latest trends and tendencies. It often happened when the two or three-year-old projects were closed because of the inability to update or scale it.

Flexible cost

The different outsourcing IT service has different rate depending on the number of employees, year on the market, the number of the senior level developer, the list of the technological stack they can handle and the number of projects they develop. Outsourcing software development companies in different countries cost differently. The cheapest outsourcing developers are in India and the most expensive area in the US. Price and quality are different, and even the most expensive developers might not guarantee the highest quality. Nevertheless, the price range for outsourcing IT service is lower.

Faster delivery

Considering that outsourcing software development companies have a dedicated team of professionals, the delivery process is usually performed faster. The number of the right specialist means that the company will deliver the required project within the timeframe. Working with an outsourcing company, you cooperate with the various departments responsible for a specific list of services. The project manager will estimate and plan the project flow, and the business analyst will analyze the market. Not every in-house team can share such broad access to specialists.

Consulting services

Many of the outsourcing software development companies offer to consult services to their clients. Before asking for the development services, companies have to know their market, the primary list of features to start. Despite that you are willing to develop big projects, it's better to start with the MVP. Wise outsourcing software development company will suggest the best solution, especially for your business.

Possible cons of working with outsourcing development companies

Despite the list of advantages, some issues can still occur while interacting with the outsourcing developers.

Communication gap

Despite the organized management, some outsourcing IT services can fall into the gap of communication with the customer. They might opt for the inappropriate communication channel, answer seldom. The best option is to check how your outsourcing team is working and ask them questions before you start working. You will see their availability then, and the readiness to be at hand.


As outsourcing software development companies are working remotely, you might not know all the development process details. Which servers do they use, where do they save data, how do they communicate, and what kind of information do they share. The complex projects have to be NDA protected, especially if you hired the outsourcing developers for some years. When creating a complicated system, some companies prefer working for in-house teams to omit security risks with the project.


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